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‘Tis the season

..of temptations. So yesterday a lady from the office across walks to my desk with a bag of cookies. She says she has to give them away so that she can stop eating them. Nice, her calorie-loss will be now be my calorie-gain. Unfair,I wont give in to the temptation,lady. I sheepishly said “No thank you!!”. She insisted I try one,and I insisted “No”. Just go away you evil lady (i thought).

Proud of  achievement I go home and DH walks in with a box. A box full of oatmeal raisin cookie dough. Thanks to a boy-scout donation he made for a collegues kid. I told him we are not baking any cookies. He pledged he will count the points and then bake them himself. Did I tell you,I love oatmeal raisin cookie!! They are the only cookie-kind I like.

And to top it all, this Friday is  our annual Xmas party. There will be food everywhere.In all  shapes and forms.The only plus this year, is that the food will be arranged on a different floor than the one I work on,unlike every other year. So I believe if I don’t see it,I will not eat it.I think. Unless people walk past my office with mounds of food laid on their plates.

‘Tis the season, I tell you!!


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Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year

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