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eggwhites Confession: I like eggs. Rather,I love eggs. But what I dont like is that 1 large egg = 213 milligrams of cholestrol,most of which is in the yolk. Its recommended daily cholestrol be about 200mg a day. So if you eat 1 egg, thats it, no more meat or cheese. Ya right,like thats possible.But get this, an egg white has ZERO cholesterol.

On a recent visit a friend of ours,ordered his omlette be made with Egg Subsitute at a popular diner. When I asked, he said that’s what he uses at homeĀ  all the time.Egg Beaters,he said.Egg Beaters are made from real eggs without the yolk part. But then again, you will find a wide variety of Egg Beaters at a store.

This is what I found. Egg Beaters Regular is made from egg whites,but has extras for flavor and color. It irates me to see Xantham gum on a producst panel. It just sounds wrong. So I decided to try the Egg Beaters Whites ( actually, store brand same-as Egg Whites) instead. This contains ONLY egg whites. No extras.

3 tbsp of Egg Whites = 1 WW point. So on some weekday mornings,I will just pour 3 tbsp in a sprayed pan,with salt and pepper,fold it in between an English muffin and there I just cooked up my breakfast. I also found that if you whisk the whites and then pour them in a pan,it makes it very fluffy.I made omlette this weekend doing this,it was so fluffily good.

So this is my new staple in the fridge.So try it and let me know.


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Food Bytes : Coke Zero

coke_zero I am not a heavy soda drinker,but I do love some fizz occasionally.Escp. with non-Indian food and hence I cannot forgo the taste for the calories. Last week while grocery shopping DH decided to pick a bottle of the new Coke Zero. I pouted imaging the bitter after taste diet sodas have. But when i had a sip,I loved it. I hate Diet-soda. Period. But this thing did not taste like any diet soda I had before and even better,its Zero Calories. Definitely a thumbs up!!

P.S. I have heard good things about Sprite Zero as well.

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